When it Comes to the exterior paint on your CAR-TRUCK-VAN-or SUV, At Miracle Auto Detailing, We only use the highest quality Waxes, Polishes, and Paint/Gloss Sealants from Top-brand sources.

Why is this important? Next to a purchase of a home, a vehicle is one of our biggest purchases. At Miracle Auto Detailing we are focused on high-quality products that not only provide protection from the elements, but they also make your vehicle's paint look it's very best.  Why would I need to wax or apply premium sealant to my vehicle's paint you may ask? Airborne contaminants, road grime, sea salt, UV rays from the sun, and heavy rain can damage paint, cause paint oxidation, and rust the undercarriage. These contaminants can also make your vehicle paint look dull, faded, and unsightly. Miracle Auto Detailing offers numerous top-quality products for  maintaining and making your vehicle's paint look its very best!


After Treatment


Headlight Lens Treatment & Trim Restoration

Don't have time for a Full Detail Service? On a tight budget? Miracle Auto Detailing offers our "Mini" Detail Package. This includes washing and vacuuming your vehicle and cleaning and dressing your tires and wheels and exterior trim as well as, applying a premium spray paint conditioner/gloss sealant to your vehicle paint. Great for Maintaining your vehicle between full details or as a regular service.  please click on Services tab for more information.



Before Treatment

Miracle Auto Detailing Offers Headlight Lens Treatment. Do your headlight lenses look dull and oxidized? This is a common problem with older headlight lenses. Talk to us about cleaning and polishing your dull headlight lenses for an improved vehicle look; and most importantly, improved clarity and night driving visibility. We also offer trim restoration treatment. Talk to us about restoring your dull and faded bumpers, mirrors, and plastic trim on the exterior of your vehicle.



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Miracle Auto Detailing offers Wheel Waxing, Polishing, and Sealant Treatments. Why would I want to wax and polish my wheels  you may ask? Your vehicles wheels are constantly subjected to road grime and sea salt which can break down the protective clear coating,   causing dulling and damage to factory, aluminum, and custom wheels.

Miracle Auto Detailing has wheel waxes, polishes, and sealants to protect and  make your Chrome, Factory, Aluminum, and Custom wheels look their best!

Why is maintaining your vehicle's interior so important? regular cleaning reduces dirt & dust contaminants. These contaminants can be in the carpet and upholstery of your vehicle. Regular cleaning will also protect & preserve your carpet, vinyl & leather upholstery, seats, dash panels, door panels, and other trim pieces in the interior. Miracle Auto Detailing uses only top-quality cleaners, dressings, and leather conditioners to make your vehicle's interior look and smell it's very best!

Don't forget to ask us about our Vehicle Wash & Vacuum Service, or our Vehicle

Wash & Vacuum Programs.